graham Lineham is an amazing writer who is recognized all over most parts of the world , writer of father ted, stage show the ladykillers, black books and most importantly the IT crowd announced a couple of years ago that the it crowd wasn't coming back, however a few days later he was asked the question again and this time he replied with the response that he had run out of ideas, he had hit writers block but there was always a chance that it would comeback. if he has any more ideas that stand out then he will definitely make another series, but somewhere in this online chat site out of no where he announced that he was considering and would love too make a movie. however that was in 2014 and here has been no comment since then so my guess is that there will never be one but you never know if you all send email, texts, and even actual paper letters then I think that he will have no choice but to make one. so keep your fingers crossed and use every oppertunuity you've got to annoy him into making one.