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April Shephard is a former girlfriend of Douglas Reynholm. She is only seen in one episode, during which she has a relationship with Douglas.

Personal Life[]

It is revealed early on in her relationship with Douglas that she was assigned male at birth and has since gone through large amounts of gender-affirming surgery. However, when she said to Douglas "I used to be a man", Douglas misheard her and thought she said, "I'm from Iran". After Douglas discovered his mistake, he told April that it wasn't going to work out because he was too fixated on her trans identity. April was enraged and punched Douglas hard in the jaw. Douglas flew across the room into a table, cut his lip and chipped a tooth. He got up, wiped the blood off his lip and then snarled "You bastard!" and hit her back. She got back up and a massive fight took place somewhere near the science labs in Reynholm Industries. Despite being severely injured, Douglas emerged the victor after throwing April through a glass wall and into the room where Jen's speech was taking place. April then crashed unconscious into the box that was thought to be the internet.


April is a journalist for Richest Magazine and was originally only supposed to interview Douglas for her article. In the end, April did write an article entitled Arsehole. It is surprising that she is able to stand up, despite the devastating injuries she suffered in her climactic fight with Douglas.


  • The Speech