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Bad Boys


Episode Number
Series Four, Episode 05
Original Airdate
July 23, 2010
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Bad Boys is the fifth episode of the fourth series of the IT Crowd.


When Roy and Moss become juvenile delinquents for the day the end up having an uncomfortable experience at a local shopping centre.


The episode begins with a woman introducing a criminal Moss to tell his story. Moss is fixing a woman's computer, who compliments his glasses- Moss misinterprets this as an offer to buy his glasses. She tells Moss he is funny, but then a man enters and asks the woman why she is talking to 'Clive Sinclair'. Moss, offended, leaves.

Downstairs in the basement, Roy gets sick of saying "Have you tried turning it off and on again", and makes a £100 bet with Jen that he won't say it for the rest of the day. At around this time, Jen's computer is giving her troubles with assorted pop-up messages. Due to the bet, Roy refuses to help.

Roy and Moss leave for the park to have lunch. Their journey back is halted by the police, who taped down the whole street due to a bomb scare. They decide to take this opportunity to "bunk off".

Meanwhile, Jen goes to a party celebrating the one-week anniversary of Ben Genderson's hiring. Douglas surprises everyone by switching the theme of the party from Genderson's anniversary to a tribute to the IT Department. Later, he changed the theme once again to Genderson, who is now in charge of hiring and firing. Genderson proceeds to name the flaws of the other employees at the party, and rats out Jen for not knowing anything about computers. After the party, Jen is Emailed a questionnaire from Genderson, but her computer crashes before she could start. Without Roy to help, Jen is forced to dial the phone number written on the side of the computer, but she has a terrible time trying to understand the accent of the person she was connected to.

Roy and Moss' bunking off comes to a head when Moss shoplifts several DVDs at a mall. They are ejected from the mall by a security guard after trying to escape up a down escalator. Another bomb scare is in effect outside Reynholm industries by the time they return. The bomb disposal robot begins to malfunction (thanks in part to the computer controlling it running on Vista). Roy, who is suddenly unable to move, is forced to say "Have you tried turning it off and on again", losing his bet with Jen. Moss goes to help the officer operating the robot, but is recognized by a clerk from the mall and is arrested. The officer is left contacting the IT technician with the unintelligible accent.


  • The title is in reference to Roy and Moss and they become 'juvenile delinquents'.
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