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Calendar Geeks


Episode Number
Series Three, Episode 06
Original Airdate
December 26, 2008
Special Guest Stars:
Charity Voice - Lewis MacLeod
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Calendar Geeks is the sixth episode of the third series of The IT Crowd. It is also the series finale.


After Roy inadvertently insults a member of 'boss-eyedness' he acts as the photographer for a nude calendar in support of the disease, however, things don't go quite as planned and Roy is left to take some 'geek chic' photos.



Guest Stars[]

  • Kimberly - Alexandra Weaver
  • Nadine - Ty Glaser
  • Paul - Ben Moor
  • Dave - Hywel John
  • Niall - Jacob Edwards
  • Charity Voice - Lewis MacLeod
  • Joan - Hazel Douglas


  • Lewis MacLeod appeared in the previous episode, Friendface, as the Friendface narrator and Tramps Like Us as the general narrator. This episode marks his third and final appearance on the show.

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