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Cradle of Filth (sometimes referred to as The Filth) is an English dark-wave metal band whose work has included the song "Coffin Fodder". The band is famous for its dark and morbid music which sometimes resembles screaming.

Richmond Avenal, the once Second-in-Command of the multi-billion-pound company Reynholm Industries, began listening to the band when he felt that he was unable to cope with the pressure put on by his job. He was soon so engrossed in the dark music that he was listening to that he subsequently became a goth, dying his hair black and wearing dark clothing and white makeup. This then led to many of his colleagues becoming distracted by Richmond's bizarre new appearance.

Denholm Reynholm's, the Head of Reynholm Industries, father passed away in 2001. At his funeral, Richmond, dressed in bizarre clothing and wearing white makeup with a black teardrop painted on his cheek, gave Denholm's grieving mother a Cradle of Filth CD and recommended the track "Coffin Fodder" hoping it would ease her pain. Denholm eventually grew so tired of Richmond's gothic lifestyle that he demoted him to work in the IT Department in 2001, hence becoming the lowest-ranking employee in the building.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the episode, The Red Door, Richmond is seen in a flashback listening to Cradle of Filth. The music heard is not a real Cradle of Filth song but a sound effect of a man screaming.
  • Graham Linehan has expressed his resentment towards the type of music Cradle of Filth play.
  • In the episode, Richmond suggests listening to "Track 4, Coffin Fodder", however Coffin Fodder only appears on the album Nymphetamine, where it is track 9, not track 4.