From Goth2Boss
Biographical information

Richmond Avenal


Between 2008-2010


Richmond Avenal


To help goths fit in with society

"Where are you going? Is it to the top? If not, why not? Go to the bloody top! Is it because you're a goth? Did you know that goths have some of the lowest life satisfaction levels of any subculture with the exception of traffic wardens. That's why you don't see any goth traffic wardens. That would be a deadly combination. We at Goth2Boss work with goths in various locations around the UK to bring out their hidden potential by encouraging them to engage in everyday, healthy pursuits such as sport, mixing with other humans, extended laughter sessions and introducing colour to your wardrobe. Just look at these results. This is Debbie. She used to hang around railway stations with her hands in her sleeves. Now she's a lifeguard in Mumbai. From Goth2Boss, you know it makes sense. Unless you're not a goth, in which case ... From Goth2Boss. Remember the name."
—A promotional DVD for From Goth2Boss

From Goth2Boss (also known as Goth2Boss) is a company founded and led by former goth turned businessman Richmond Avenal. The main intentions of the company is to help goths turn away from their dark lifestyle choice and to help them integrate into normal society. The business works with goths all around the UK to bring out their 'hidden potential'. This is done through encouraging goths to get involved in healthy, everyday pursuits, such as sport, socialising with other people, extended laughter sessions and wearing more colourful clothes.

Known clients Edit

  • Debbie - a former goth who used to hang around railway stations with her hands in her sleeves. She is now working as a lifeguard in Mumbai.
  • Melanie Crawford - a From Goth2Boss pupil who Richmond felt never exorcised the true goth within herself. She looks very similar to Victoria Reynholm.