Gay: A Gay Musical
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Graham Linehan


James Glazebrook

  • Andie Vining as Vibroman
  • Brian Hampton as Two Time Co Co
  • Laura Knightly as Dorothy

Dennis de Groot


Francis de Groote


Annie Hardinge



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18's (presumably)

"A gay musical, called Gay. That's quite gay. Gay musical, aren't all musicals gay. This must be the gayest musical ever made"
Roy Trenneman's first reaction to Gay: A Gay Musical

Gay! A Gayook Production musical aimed at a homosexual audience which appeared in New Wimbledon Theatre in 2007. Set in the Thatcher years, the play follows the story of a young man trying to find his sexuality. The musical boasts a star-studded cast, with Andie Vining as Vibroman, Brian Hampton as Two Time Co Co and Laura Knightly. The play was directed by Graham Linehan, and produced by James Glazebrook, with Dennis de Groot in charge of design, Francis de Groote in charge of lighting, Annie Hardinge in charge of costumes and Jerome in charge of publicity and distribution. Gay! A Gay Musical was shown in New Wimbledon Theatre in 2007.

The musical was attended by four employees of Reynholm Industries, Roy Trenneman, Maurice Moss, Jen Barber and Philip, in 2007. Roy, Moss and Jen, all heterosexuals, had been asked to the theatre by Philip, not knowing that he was actually gay, and were devastated when they discovered what show they were going to see.


The musical follows the story of a young man trying to find his sexuality in the uncaring Thatcher years. The play contains scenes of graphic homoeroticism and is not suitable for a younger audience. The show begins with a man, dressed as a judge, walking on stage, who then turns to the audience and says "Welcome to the United Queendom" and then rips off his judge robes to reveal that he is wearing a skin-tight lycra body suit. The curtain opens to reveal a bar with techno music playing where the first scene begins.

Towards the midway point of the musical just before the interval, the actor who plays the judge comes into the audience and begins an audience participation session, questioning and embarrassing them. The interval then occurs for about 30 minutes where the audience is free to go to the bar and get a drink. The audience then return to their seat to watch the rest of the show.


  • "I Love Willies"
  • "Hold My Hand (No, That's Not My Hand)"
  • "I'm a Friend of Dorothy"
  • "Today's the Day the Homophobes Get Their Arses Kicked"

Cast and crewEdit


  • Andie Vining as Vibroman
  • Brian Hampton as Two Time Co Co
  • Adrian Schiller as Judge
  • Lydia Fox as Laura Knightly
  • David Schaal as Dec
  • Brett Allen as Donald
  • Jeremy
  • James
  • Edgar


  • Graham Linehan - Director
  • James Glazebrook - Producer
  • Dennis de Groot - Designer
  • Francis de Groote - Lighting
  • Annie Hardinge - Costume


"More than tolerable"
The London Echo
"Not as long as some musicals"
The Banner
"The audience applauded"
The Evening Informer

The musical received universal critical acclaim by audiences. It endured some quite strange reviews from various London newspapers, including "Not as long as some musicals", "The audience applauded" and "More than tolerable". However, the musical did receive quite high viewing figures.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Gay! A Gay Musical is slightly based on Taboo, a gay musical which Graham Linehan went to see.
  • The footage of Gay! A Gay Musical was really filmed at New Wimbledon Theatre.


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