Helen Buley
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Head Chief Executive Officer of BHDR Industries

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Head CEO of BHDR Industries


BHDR Industries

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Reynholm Industries


BHDR Industries

"She took that football team to court for institutional sexism, won massive damages, and now she's Head CEO at BHDR Industries."
Jen Barber on Helen Buley's success

Helen Buley is the head and chief executive officer of British business corporation BHDR Industries, a company who are the top makers of a product that is related to Reynholm Industries, the details of which have not been revealed. Buley proved herself worthy of the job after she took a famous football team to court for institutional sexism and won massive damages. She was then made the CEO of the company shortly before a meeting with Reynholm Industries in 2007.

Buley has campaigned for women's rights and has been very outspoken about her beliefs during meetings with other company's. She has been in contact with Reynholm Industries for several years, even before being made CEO, and attended a meeting with the heads of the departments of the company in 2007. There, she complemented Jen Barber, Head of the IT Department, on her business skills. However, because of an overheating problem with her bra, Jen suddenly stood up during the meeting, proclaiming that her 'tits were hot'.

Buley, not knowing what was going on, said that Jen was a stripper hired as a prank, and probably brought the meeting to a stop.

Name etymologyEdit

  • Helen is a feminine given name of Greek origin, which translates to "sun ray" or "shining light".
  • Buley, or Bewley, is a surname of French origin and translates to "beautiful place".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Helen Buley was portrayed by English actress, Amelia Bullmore.