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Italian for Beginners


Episode Number
Series Four, Episode 04
Original Airdate
July 16, 2010
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Italian for Beginners is the fourth episode of the fourth series of the IT Crowd.


Roy ends up becoming obsessed with his latest girlfriend's family history. Jen tells a massive lie to get some attention. Moss is obsessed with retrieving a free iPhone.


The episode begins in the Reynholm Industries boardroom, where Linda, while running in place, is explaining the company's losses amidst the financial crisis. When Douglas asks her why she's doing the "wee wee walk," Linda explains that she is doing a virtual triathlon for charity, which Douglas is impressed by, much to Jen's dismay. Linda suggests getting the help of renowned Italian businessman Silvio Bernatelli, who was named the most successful businessman of the year, which they decide to do.

Down in the IT department, Jen is complaining to Roy about Linda getting all the attention, mentioning that she had just had a baby. Meanwhile, Moss enters and shows how if he puts his cell phone in his shirt pocket instead of his trouser pocket, it is closer to his ear, but he is much less interested in hearing about Linda's new baby and childbirth in general. They then focus on Roy's grey blazer, which he is about to wear to his lunch with his girlfriend Julia, who was orphaned as a child.

Back in the boardroom, Linda has moved on to the swimming portion of her virtual triathlon. She gives the news that Mr. Bernatelli's translator was sick, so they need to hire one, and Jen volunteers to do it. When Douglas asks if she speaks any Italian, she says "Tutti piace l'odore di gatti" which means "Everybody loves cat smell," and when Douglas says he's impressed, Jen says "Ragni,": spiders." Jen and Linda then awkwardly exchange looks. Meanwhile, Moss is using the toilet when his strategy of putting his phone in his shirt pocket backfires, as it slips out and falls in the toilet, making it unusable.

At lunch, Roy finally learns from Julia the story of her parents' death: they were at SeaParks on holiday when a fire broke out in the stands at a sea lion show. Roy is somewhat suspicious, but Julia doesn't want to discuss it any further right then.

Back in the IT department, Jen tells Moss that she doesn't actually know what she was saying in the earlier meeting. Moss offers to install a voice translation app on Jen's laptop, which will translate what Mr. Bernatelli says so Jen can in turn tell the group. Just then, Roy comes in, and he tells Moss and Jen the story of what happened to Julia's parents, and both of them are suspicious about the story, especially Moss. He had been to SeaParks before on holiday, and said that there was nothing in the seating area that could've caused a fire to break out, and Roy also says that he couldn't find any stories of fires at SeaParks. Jen tells Roy to try and stop thinking about it.

Up at the introductory conference call with Mr. Bernatelli, things are going well with Moss's translation app, as Jen is able to successfully translate the call. Mr. Bernatelli agrees to come, and is especially excited about meeting Jen, who is basking in the newly-found attention that she's been getting, much to the dismay of Linda, who's now moved onto the cycling portion of the triathlon. That night, Roy is at home studying the seating chart of SeaParks, but Julia comes in the room quickly. A montage then plays of photos of Roy and Julia, with Roy still looking suspicious.

A few days later is the meeting with Mr. Bernatelli, and while Jen is resting up, Roy is making a diorama of the SeaParks arena out of mashed potatoes. He starts to doubt Julia's story, because the seats in the arena are just stone steps, instead of the more flammable plastic or wood because of the potential for rotting, since the seats are in close proximity to the water. Jen, on the other hand, is trying to log onto the translator app, but the app requires a password, which only Moss knows. When Jen asks Roy where Moss went, he tells her that Moss had gone to the Namco video arcade since it was pay day. Jen quickly leaves to go find him.

As Moss is leaving the arcade, he spots an iPhone, presumably dropped by an engineer, inside the crane machine, but he had run out of coins, so he decides to climb inside the machine to try and get it, so he could get an iPhone without giving Apple any money. When Jen arrives, she helps Moss get the phone out of the machine via labor, in exchange for him giving her the password for the translator. Roy, on the other hand, has made a diorama of the SeaParks arena out of egg cartons, matches, and other paper materials in the office.

When Jen gets back late for the meeting with Mr. Bernatelli, he greets her in Italian and compliments her hair, but she responds incomprehensibly to him. When she tries to open the laptop to access the translator, however, Douglas and Linda tell her to leave it outside for security purposes. Without the app, she is left to her own devices and thus makes up translations, prompting Mr. Bernatelli to angrily storm out of the meeting. Douglas, oblivious to the fact that Jen was speaking fake Italian, blames this on Linda.

Meanwhile, Roy's diorama has finally gone on fire, and while he now finds Julia's story plausible, his hands get burned, forcing him to go to the emergency room. Julia meets him there and asks how his hands got burned, but Roy doesn't want to talk about it. That night, Jen is asleep in her bed before waking up and remembering that Moss is still stuck in the crane machine at the arcade.

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  • The title refers to Jen's lie about being able to speak Italian, whilst also referencing the Danish movie "Italiensk for Begyndere" (Italian for Beginners) though the 2000 movie and this episode of The IT Crowd do not have any similarities plot-wise.
  • The Italian Jen speaks translates as. "Everyone likes cat smell. Spiders."
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