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Jessica is a friend of Jen Barber's who attends a dinner party hosted by Jen and her boyfriend Peter File. She talks quickly in short bursts, such as "hello, oh my god, social situation" and "IT department does not compute", and is considered annoying by Maurice Moss and Roy Trenneman due to her speech patterns and constant use of air quotes.

"When you laugh, I can see the outline of your skull; you have a beautiful skull."

Richmond Avenal finds her attractive. She and Richmond have sexual intercourse at least twice. This happens once at Jen's party and again in Richmond's "office" behind the red door in the Reynholm Industries IT basement. The couple is so loud that Roy and Moss have to play extremely loud music to drown them out, but when Jen turns the volume down, Jessica can be heard shouting out, "Oh, look at me - having an orgasm!"