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"He was a fine young cannibal"
Maurice Moss after meeting Johann

Johann is a German cannibal who advertised on the Internet that he was searching for a willing victim who would allow Johann to kill and eat them. However, due to a typing mistake, Maurice Moss accidentally answered the ad.


Johann, presumably an immigrant from Germany, uploaded an ad on the internet, thinking that it meant 'I want to cook you'. However, due to his lack of English fluency, Johann actually wrote 'I want to cook with you'. Maurice Moss, mistaking it for a cookery class, answered the advertisement, and the two met up at Johann's house. However, it was only then that Moss realised Johann's intentions and immediately declined. Johann did not coerce Moss and instead they watched Ocean's Eleven (Original or Remake?).

When Moss returned to the IT Department the following day, he told Roy and Jen Barber about the incident. While Jen insisted that Moss report Johann, Roy asked if he and Moss could return to Johann's house to watch a film which Roy had been waiting to see. The pair thought up a plan, in which Roy pretended to be interested in being eaten but as a last request asked to watch the film. After the film was over, Roy would say that he had changed his mind and would leave the house alive.

The two went through with the plan, and everything was going well until the police stormed the building as it was suspected that a pirated DVD was being watched there. Roy, Moss, and presumably Johann went to the police station where Roy told the officer that Johann was a cannibal who was searching for a victim.

It is unknown what happened to Johann after this point, however, it is unlikely that the police took action as they were only interested in video piracy, and appeared to overlook his cannibalistic inclinations.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Cello Player: Johann is a very professional and experienced cellist, and played the show out with his rendition of The IT Crowd theme song
  • Bilingual: Johann has been seen speaking at least two languages, his native German and, although he isn't fluent, English as well.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Johann was played by Philip Rham.
  • Johann was based on Armin Meiwes, a real German cannibal, and murderer who, like Johann, put an ad on the Internet looking for a willing victim. Bernd Jürgen Brandes answered the ad, and, in one of the most gruesome cannibal cases in history, Brandes allowed Meiwes to kill, cook, and eat him. Meiwes is now serving a life sentence and, strangely, has become a vegetarian. Rather ironically, Meiwes was a computer repair technician.

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