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Dr. Julian Holmes is a world-renowned psychologist and Europe's leading expert on stress. He frequently gives classes on how to manage and control. In 2005, Dr. Holmes gave a talk to the employees at Reynholm Industries as to how to manage the pressure put on by their jobs. He mentioned he has a wife who he has "spoken harshly to" (when stress) in the past. At one point of the class, he asked for someone to volunteer to get their stress levels measured to illustrate how easy it is to become stressed.

Dr. Holmes himself became angry when one employee, Roy Trenneman, scared the woman who was getting her stress levels measured, just to see the machine go crazy measuring her high-stress level. Roy angered Dr. Holmes so much that he later shouted at him and his friend Maurice Moss as well as at a crying woman, despite just talking about the importance of controlling anger.

(The woman may have later got fired by Denholm Reynholm for experiencing high levels of stress.)

When Dr. Holmes later met Roy at a lift, he lunged at him because of the incident caused at the stress class. Roy managed to escape the furious doctor and even managed to steal his stress machine.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Holmes was played by British actor Tony Longworth.
  • Dr. Holmes was based on a real "stresspert" that Graham Linehan, the writer of the show, met.

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