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This page contains a full and definitive list of episodes for The IT Crowd. The show has currently aired 4 seasons.

Series 1[]

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Denholmn-796555.jpg 1 "Yesterday's Jam" February 3, 2006 101
Computer illiterate Jen joins Reynholm Industries and is appointed relationship manager for the IT Department. Can she help cure the socially troubled Moss and Roy?
Number.png 2 "Calamity Jen" February 3, 2006 102
Jen has problems with expensive shoes while Moss and Roy deal with their stress in unusual ways.
Lonely.png 3 "Fifty-Fifty" February 10, 2006 103
Jen flirts with handsome security guard, Daniel, while Moss and Roy try to prove that women only like 'bastards'.
Red Door.png 4 "The Red Door" February 17, 2006 104
Jen investigates what is behind the mysterious 'Red Door' and discovers cast-out employee Richmond Avenal, much to her surprise.
Small Paul 1.png 5 "The Haunting of Bill Crouse" February 24, 2006 105
After Jen discovers that her date is unbearable to be around she asks Moss to lie to cover her, however his lying skills are not perfect and Jen ends up 'dead'. Meanwhile Roy has to deal with a disgusting woman.
Lady.jpg 6 "Aunt Irma Visits" March 3, 2006 106
After Jen informs Moss and Roy that she is on her period, they begin to experience the same symptoms.

Series 2[]

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Musical.png 1 "The Work Outing" August 24, 2007 201
Jen's date attracts a few guests, then spirals out of control.
Roy at desk.png 2 "Return of the Golden Child" August 31, 2007 202
Moss calculates when Roy will die. Reynholm Industries has a new boss.
Roy at desk.png 3 "Moss and the German" September 7, 2007 203
Worried that his life is stagnating, Moss enrols in a German cookery course. Jen begins smoking again.
Roy at desk.png 4 "The Dinner Party" September 14, 2007 204
Jen has found love, and is giving a dinner party with her new boyfriend to six of their single friends. But when the three male invitees drop out at the last moment, Jen is forced to call upon Moss, Roy and Richmond.
Roy at desk.png 5 "Smoke and Mirrors" September 21, 2007 205
When Jen loses concentration during a board meeting due to a faulty bra, Moss tries to invent a flawless bra.
Roy at desk.png 6 "Men Without Women" September 28, 2007 206
Douglas hires Jen as his new PA, which gives Moss and Roy free reign in the office.

Series 3[]

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Heaven.png 1 "From Hell" November 21, 2008 301
Jen has trouble with a builder from hell, while Roy helps Moss with his bully problem.
Postman.png 2 "Are We Not Men?" November 28, 2008 302
Moss and Roy discover a way to sound like they understand football, meanwhile Jen is unable to ignore the fact that her boyfriend looks like a magician.
Olive.png 3 "Tramps Like Us" December 5, 2008 303
After a disappointingly low payout from the sexual harassment case, Jen, Roy and Moss find their lives moving in different directions.
Internet.png 4 "The Speech" December 12, 2008 304
Jen goes mad with power after winning Employee of the Month and makes fierce enemies in Moss and Roy. Meanwhile Douglas dates a transgender female, unbeknownst to him.
Conflict.png 5 "Friendface" December 19, 2008 305
Roy, Moss and Jen all discover the joys of Friendface, but soon learn some relationships are best left in the past.
Mind.png 6 "Calendar Geeks" December 26, 2008 306
When Roy tries to raise money for support of 'boss-eyedness' so that he can sleep one of the girls on the seventh floor, it goes horribly wrong when he must deal with 'geek chic'.

Series 4[]

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Shithead.jpg 1 "Jen the Fredo" June 25, 2010 401
Jen applies for the position of entertainment manager, Roy tends a broken heart and Moss invents a new game.
Countdown.png 2 "The Final Countdown" July 2, 2010 402
Moss applies to Countdown, Roy deals with the troubles of moving in and Jen tries to find out what Douglas is up to.
Space.png 3 "Something Happened" July 9, 2010 403
Douglas becomes a Spaceologist, Roy deals with a bad back and Jen gets involved with a rock band
Namco.png 4 "Italian for Beginners" July 16, 2010 404
Roy ends up becoming obsessed by his latest girlfriend's family history. Jen tells a massive lie to get some attention.
Team.png 5 "Bad Boys" July 23, 2010 405
When Roy and Moss become juvenile delinquents for the day the end up having an uncomfortable experience at a local shopping centre.
The IT Crowd Logo.png 6 "Reynholm v Reynholm" July 30, 2010 406
When Douglas decides marriage isn't for him, he must utilize Roy, Jen and Moss to rid him of his wife.
Image # Title Original Airdate Code
The IT Crowd Logo.png 1 "The Internet Is Coming" September 27, 2013 501
A video goes viral of Jen pouring coffee on a homeless man.

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