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"She's always been a very aggressive litigator."
Maurice Moss on his mother

The mother of Maurice Moss has a very close relationship with her son, so much so that at Moss in his late thirties has not even moved out of his mother's house. Moss's mother is very protective and close to her son and often treats him like a child. Moss is constantly bringing up his mother in everyday conversation, much to the annoyance of his colleagues Roy Trenneman and Jen Barber at Reynholm Industries.

In around 1984, when he was eleven, Moss broke the patio window. His mother was so angry with him that she sued him, although it was only a show trial with the family cat being made the judge. Moss lost his case, and he claimed in 2010 that he was still "paying costs".

In 2005, Moss recorded a video of himself explaining his likes and dislikes for the online dating site, and was interrupted by his mother while doing it. Moss's mother is later mentioned when Moss lies to the building's psychiatrist, Dr. Mendall, that he had a dream about giving birth to his mother, in order to persuade to Dr. Mendall that he needed more therapy.

After being arrested once in 2007 after being affiliated with a cannibal, Moss expressed his worry that when his mother found out he "would be for the high jump".

In 2008, Moss's mother joined the social networking site, and was constantly contacting her son at work, inquiring if he was eating his apple. Moss has also claimed that he has sourced everything he knows about women from conversations with his mother.

In 2010, Moss claimed that his mother insists on never answering the door, and if the doorbell ever rings, Moss is to sit there in silence until the person leaves.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Moss's mother was originally due to appear in Friendface at Jen's school reunion, although she did not make it into the final draft. The only episode Moss's mother does appear in is Smoke and Mirrors, although she is covered in bedlinen and so is an unseen character.
  • It is interesting to note that in Fifty-Fifty, Moss's mother refers to her own son by his surname.
  • In Fifty-Fifty, Moss's mother is played by Richard Ayoade's real life girlfriend.