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Head of the Yamamoto Corporation


The Yamamoto Corporation

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The Yamamoto Corporation

"He's the major shareholder, he's effectively your partner, and he said, what he said, "I do hope we don't have our own Conrad Black at Reynholm Industries.""
Nolan discussing Mr. Yamamoto with Douglas Reynholm

山本さん (Yamamoto San), or Mr. Yamamoto in English, is an extremely successful Japanese businessman who is Head of the Japanese business giant, the Yamamoto Corporation. Mr. Yamamoto is the major shareholder of the massive British business empire, Reynholm Industries, and is practically Douglas Reynholm's business partner, however, his relationship with the company seems to be on unsafe ground due to the constant stream of unfortunate events that occur when he associates with the company.


Mr. Yamamoto was presumably born in Japan and became the head of the Japanese business empire, the Yamamoto Corporation, in his later life. He then traveled to Britain to visit Reynholm Industries in 2005 in the hope of merging with the company. The merge was hope to boost staff, wages, and productivity in both companies. As a sign of their merging, Mr. Yamamoto supplied the then Head of Reynholm Industries, Denholm Reynholm, with a gift of a ceremonial sword, while in return, he received a massive pair of Doc Martens. Mr. Yamamoto was so pleased with his new gift that he began stamping around the office, saying he felt like Godzilla. However, Jen Barber happened to walk past when Mr. Yamamoto stamped on her bare feet, causing her to violently swear at Mr. Yamamoto in extreme pain. After Jen's outburst, Mr. Yamamoto canceled the merging with Reynholm Industries and traveled back to Japan.

Over the course of two years, Mr. Yamamoto forgave Reynholm Industries and became the company's major shareholder, making him practically their business partner. In 2007, Denholm Reynholm, Head of Reynholm Industries, committed suicide. It is unknown how Mr. Yamamoto reacted to Denholm's death, however, he was not happy when Denholm's inexperienced son, Douglas Reynholm, took over and even compared him to criminal millionaire, Conrad Black. Despite this, Mr. Yamamoto organised a meeting with the new Head of Reynholm Industries by use of a webcam connection, however, due to a wiring error, Mr. Yamamoto was connected to Jen Barber's computer screen, the same employee who had verbally abused him two years ago.

Mr. Yamamoto speaks little or no English and must communicate with Reynholm Industries through his resident translator.


  • Yamamoto is one of the most popular Japanese surnames and translates to "base of the mountain".
  • Mr. Yamamoto may be named after famous Japanese politician and entrepreneur, Jōtarō Yamamoto.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Mr. Yamamoto is played by Japanese actor Togo Igawa.
  • Mr. Yamamoto is credited as Mr. Yamamoto in Calamity Jen and as Japanese boss in From Hell