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A rat

Release Date(s)

Some years prior to 2005

Running Time

60 seconds

"They're an internet phenomenon. Like Ratmouse. Yes, Ratmouse. It was a short film everybody was showing to everybody else a few years back. Just sixty seconds of a rat, that started behaving like a mouse. Well, it was a hefty piece of rodent genius, I can tell you. Who'd have thought it, a rat behaving like a mouse. He was twitching his whiskers and accepting cheese. I've never seen anything like it. Moss and Roy have definitely become the new Ratmouse."
Richmond Avenal on the success of Ratmouse

Ratmouse was a short viral film lasting sixty seconds released some years prior to 2005. The footage consisted of a rat behaving like a mouse, twitching his whiskers and accepting cheese. The video soon became an internet phenomenon, with people downloading and distributing it across the globe.

In 2005, after his colleagues Maurice Moss and Roy Trenneman had become online stars after saying they were suffering from PMT, Richmond Avenal compared their rise to fame to that of Ratmouse.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The scene in which Richmond discusses Ratmouse with Jen was edited out of the final broadcasted episode of Aunt Irma Visits due to time restriction reasons. It was subsequently released on The IT Crowd - Series 1 DVD in a deleted scenes extra.
  • Ratmouse appears again in The IT Crowd Game released on Channel 4's website in which Richmond sends Ratmouse throughout the building of Reynholm Industries.


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