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"She ... she's a very sexy woman. Not, not ... not that I would want to have sex with her. I know that's what you psychiatrists think. But I swear to God that there's nothing to it in my case! You know my mother wouldn't stand for any of that kind of nonsense! I can just hear her now. 'What are you doing, Roy? What are you doing?!"
Roy Trenneman after mistaking Dr. Mendall for his mother

The mother of Roy Trenneman often rings her son at his work in the IT Department of Reynholm Industries. She first called him to investigate a rumour she had heard from Jen Barber about Roy going on a date with feces on his head. Roy tried to convince her that it was in fact chocolate from his dessert, however, she remained unconvinced.

The next time she rings her son Roy immediately picks up the phone and, thinking that she is a Reynholm Industries employee calling for IT support, asks 'Have you tried turning it on and off again?' followed by 'Have you tried sticking it up your arse?', without realising he is, in fact, talking to his mother. It is later revealed that Roy's mother looks extremely similar to Reynholm Industries' resident psychologist, Dr. Mendall, so much so that Roy mistook her for his mother when he saw her for the first time. Despite this, Roy ended up sleeping with Dr. Mendall after a drunken party.

In 2007, Roy started researching the dates of the deaths of all his relatives after being told by a website that he had just hours to live and called his mother to help him. In the same year, Roy attended a dinner party hosted by his work colleague, Jen Barber. There, he met Paula, a model who had recently been involved in a car accident and was covered in bandages. Roy, trying to think up an excuse for his curiosity with Paula's surgery, lied that his mother was planning a breast augmentation.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Roy mentions in The Dinner Party that his mother's sixtieth birthday is approaching, and as the episode is set in 2007, it can be presumed that she was born sometime in the 1940s.
  • In Return of the Golden Child, Roy's mother can be heard on the phone speaking in a very strange voice when Roy accidentally calls her.