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Something Happened


Episode Number
Series Four, Episode 03
Original Airdate
July 9, 2010
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Something Happened is the third episode of the fourth series of the IT Crowd.


Douglas becomes a Spaceologist, Roy's life is changed by a bad back, and Jen gets involved with a rock band.



Guest Stars[]

  • Norman - Kevin Cecil
  • Lawyer - Guy Henry
  • Paul the Masseuse - Ralph Ineson
  • Beth Gaga Shaggy - Graham Linehan (Uncredited)


  • In the official synopsis for the episode, released prior to the episode's premiere, Moss does not feature in any of the three plot lines. Moss was indeed a supporting character in the episode and only feature to support Roy.
  • Douglas references the musicians Lady Gaga and Shaggy.
  • Although uncredited, series creator and producer Graham Lineham starred as the Spaceology founder 'Beth Gaga Shaggy'. This makes it his fourth appearance on the show, three of which have been uncredited, including The Speech and Fifty-Fifty. He was credited as "Blind Irish Sorcerer" in Men Without Women.
  • This episode reveals that Roy's last name is 'Trenneman'. Speculation about his last name had been ongoing since the show started.

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