"Boss" Richmond's Appearances Edit

I've noticed, while watching the show, that Richmond can be seen as a businessman in several episodes. In "Yesterday's Jam", "boss" Richmond can be seen walking in the background while Denholm is leading Jen to the lift. In "Calamity Jen", he can be seen walking directly in front of the camera, talking to a female co-worker while Roy is bouncing a ball in front of the lifts (before fighting Dr. Holmes and stealing the stress machine.) I think he can be seen on the security camera in "Fifty-Fifty" while Daniel is talking to Jen on the phone, but I'm not sure. I haven't looked in either "The Red Door" or "Aunt Irma Visits", but he can be seen at the old man's funeral in "The Haunting of Bill Crouse" and possibly at Jen's "funeral" earlier on in the episode. I haven't found any other appearances. If anyone else has noticed this, let me know.

PS. I'm typing up the scripts of all the episodes, and I'm about halfway through "Yesterday's Jam". Once it's finished, can anyone find a suitable place for it on the wiki? Thanks. -Fen

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