The Final Countdown


Episode Number
Series Four, Episode 02
Original Airdate
July 2, 2010
Special Guest Stars:
Jeff Stelling as himself

Gyles Brandreth as himself

Rachel Riley as herself
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The Final Countdown is the second episode of the fourth series of the IT Crowd. Moss appears on the popular TV Gameshow, Countdown.

Summary Edit

Moss becomes a celebrity by beating all records on the popular puzzle show Countdown. At the other end of human life, Roy is mistaken for a window cleaner, while Jen is preoccupied with trying to figure out the secret behind Douglas' secret meetings with lots of women in fluffy dressing gowns.

Plot Edit

The plot in this is quite brilliant. The use of countdown makes this episode more relevant to the British public. A truly unmissable masterpiece that should not be watched by the faint-hearted.

Guest Stars Edit

  • Gemma Chan as Ivana
  • Mark Chatterton as Jeremy
  • David Crow as Negative One
  • Brian Limond as Barry the Window Cleaner
  • Gresby Nash as Alistair
  • Karen Perathoner as Club Receptionist
  • Adam Stevens as Hoist Window Cleaner
  • Benedict Wong as Prime
  • Gyles Brandreth as himself
  • Jeff Stelling as himself.
  • Rachel Riley as herself.

Trivia Edit

  • Moss' word 'TNETENNBA' has been given meaning by the public, although has not been accepted by any major dictionaries. It is said to mean "One who looks up words which have been artificially created for the purpose of fiction or comedy"
  • This episode marks the first time Roy's new residence is shown; a previous flat of his was shown at the beginning of Moss and the German.
  • This episode also marks the first time that Roy's line, "Hello?, IT, have you tried turning it off and on again", has been used in this series.
  • Club 8+ was filmed at Club Karma in Ealing.
  • The Street Countdown scenes were filmed in Ealing, West London.
  • The "geek" extras for this episode were recruited via Twitter
  • Douglas does not feature very much in this episode, only two scenes, with one being incredibly short and only his head is visible. This is compensated by him having the final shock of the episode.
  • That final shock is a calisthenics scene that is an homage to the Jamie Lee Curtis/John Travolta scene in the movie "Perfect."
  • Gemma Chan and Benedict Wong would go on to star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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