The Internet

The "Internet" was a small black plastic box with a tiny red light on top, given to Jen by Roy and Moss as a joke for her employee of the month speech, which she offered to allow Roy and Moss contribute towards. They agreed, by using the "Internet".

The reason for the existence of this comical device was to make Jen's speech an unforgettable moment for Roy and Moss. Including such 'facts' that the "Internet" belonged on top of the Big Ben where it had the 'best reception'.

Everyone in attendance was in awe being in the presence of the "Internet". This lead to Roy and Moss' annoyance that their joke hadn't panned out.

It was later broken however when Douglas threw his ex-girlfriend (April Shephard) through a window, landing onto it. The room panicked when they noticed the destroyed box, and were thrown into a frenzy, beginning to attack each other. Moss and Roy celebrated with a fist-bump that their prank had turned out better than they could have imagined.

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