The internet is coming
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26 September 2013

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Graham Linehan


Graham Linehan

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Reynholm vs Reynholm

The Internet is Coming, titled on Netflix as The Final Episode, is the final episode of The I.T. Crowd. It premiered on Channel 4 in 2013. All the actors reprise their roles.

Plot Edit

Jen Barber and Roy Trenneman are branded bullies on the Internet following an incident involving Jen throwing coffee on a homeless person and Roy insulting a dwarf barista worker, resulting in him getting struck by a van with breasts on it. Meanwhile, following the low ratings of his board game review online show, Moss buys women's trousers and becomes an online sensation.

Synopsis Edit

Raymond soon asked Douglas if he is free for a party on Thursday, but Douglas finds out he's supposed to be doing Secret Millionaire and immediately calls his 'assistant' to cancel. But it was Jen he actually calls to cancel Secret Millionaire, but she doesn't know who to call, is not his assistant and repeatedly tells him not to call her Joan.

The tiny barista soon ran onto the road. Roy soon saw one of Raymond's vans with huge breasts and tries to warn the little man, but is too late. Jen is proclaimed 'Coffee Tramp Toss Bitch' while Roy is proclaimed 'Small Person Racist' on the Internet. Douglas is not happy about the news and chastises them. Jen says that she would never throw coffee on a homeless woman and Roy tries to defend his action, saying that small people are not a race and it isn't 'Game of Thrones'. Douglas soon warns them to keep a low profile or he'll banish them to places lower than the basement.

When their names are revealed on the news, Douglas once again chastises the two as if it was new footage. Douglas is angrier because he has to miss out on Raymond's tit party to do Secret Millionaire to keep his company in line. As he leaves, he threatens to shoot the two should they cause more trouble.

Eventually, Roy, Jen, and Moss make Reynholm Industries a better company as well as hiring the homeless person as a trolley worker, the dwarf barista, and his coworkers.

Trivia Edit

This is one of two episodes where the word 'fuck' is censored. Douglas first says it when he tries to cancel appearing on Secret Millionaire and Moss later says it during his new 'Game Board' intro.

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