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The Speech


Episode Number
Series Three, Episode 04
Original Airdate
December 12, 2008
Special Guest Stars:
Nolan - Tom Binns
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The Speech is the fourth episode of the third series of The IT Crowd.


When Jen actually wins Employee of the Month, she goes drunk with power and earns disrespect from Moss and Roy, who play a cruel trick on her. Meanwhile, Douglas dates a transgender woman, unbeknownst to him.


Jen Barber, after previously being falsely told by Maurice Moss that she had won Employee of the Month in The Haunting of Bill Crouse, finally wins the accolade for real. Roy Trenneman asks what happened to Richmond Avenal, with Moss replying that Richmond got scurvy.

April Shephard asks Douglas Reynholm about his role at Reynholm Industries, to which he responds:

Douglas: Well I'm the boss, head honcho, el numero uno, Mr. Big, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Identity, er… Taxi Driver, Jaws. I forgot the question quite a while back. Who are you again?

April: I'm April Shephard. You're being made Richest magazine's Man of the Year. I'm doing the profile.

Guest Stars[]

  • Nolan - Tom Binns
  • April - Lucy Montgomery


  • Roy and Moss tell Jen that the 'Internet' had been demagnetised by brilliant, handicapped scientist Stephen Hawking.
  • This episode is sometimes just credited as 'Speech'.
  • This episode marks Tom Binns' last appearance as 'Nolan', he previously appeared in From Hell and Tramps Like Us.
  • When Douglas lists the films that best describe him, he says The Bourne Identity. Graham Lineham stated that the final fight between Douglas and April was the 'Bourne Identity' fight, as it mimics the style utilized by the films.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Roy doesn't suffer.

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