The Yamamoto Corporation
Biographical information

Mr. Yamamoto (possibly)


Before or during 2005


Mr. Yamamoto



Business Partner(s)

Reynholm Industries

The Yamamoto Corporation is a Japanese business giant run by successful Japanese businessman, Mr. Yamamoto. The company is closely linked with British business empire Reynholm Industries, and the two companies attempted to merge with each other in 2005, however, this was canceled when Mr. Yamamoto was verbally abused by a Reynholm Industries employee.

Eventually, the Yamamoto Corporation forgave the irrational behaviour shown at Reynholm Industries and Mr. Yamamoto bought thousands of pounds of shares of the company, making him practically partners with the Head of Reynholm Industries. Mr. Yamamoto was unhappy when Douglas Reynholm took over as Head when his father, Denholm Reynholm, committed suicide in 2007. Yamamoto even compared Douglas with criminal millionaire Conrad Black. However, Yamamoto did try to get on with Douglas and organised a meeting with him through a webcam connection, however, due to a wiring error, Mr. Yamamoto was connected to the computer screen of Jen Barber, the same employee that had verbally abused him two years ago.


  • The Yamamoto Corporation is an eponymous company named after its Head, Mr. Yamamoto. Yamamoto is one of the most popular Japanese names and translates to "base of the mountain".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Yamamoto Corporation translates to "山本株式会社" in Japanese.
  • The Yamamoto Corporation is the first business other than Reynholm Industries to appear in The IT Crowd.